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Mortgage Calculator

You can use this mortgage calculator to find out what your monthly payments will be for your mortgage. Enter the house price into “Total Amount,” the down payment, your mortgage rate interest and your amortization period (how long it will take to completely pay off the mortgage) to determine your monthly payment. Bear in mind that you may have some other fees to consider. Please feel free to call me to help you work through these numbers in more detail.

Note: Once you have entered your numbers, click on the “Calculate” button to determine your monthly payment. To the right of the monthly payment amount you will see a round chart icon. Click on that and a pop-up will appear showing you your principal outstanding, interest paid and balance remaining for your mortgage month-by-month.

Please refer to  a local Mortgage Specialist or Broker for exact figures and more information on your specific mortgage. Use this calculator as a guide only.

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